Hotel Blackfoot Looks to Titan Solutions Group to Revive Its IT Infrastructure & Support Its Staff

With only a basic IT support individual in-house, as well as an aging IT infrastructure, Hotel Blackfoot began facing real challenges with outages, downtime, and receiving appropriate support. Hotel Blackfoot was in need of an IT partnership that it could rely on.  Titan Solutions Group was able to offer Hotel Blackfoot peace of mind in having an expert IT support team with a wide array of specialties – while also lowering their overall IT costs.

With technology progressing at a rapid rate, IT has taken its spot at the forefront of the hotel sector. With the amount of stress on a hotel’s technology infrastructure being so great, proper IT support is absolutely crucial in order to avoid the devastating results of downtime impacting the guest experience.

The Situation: Inadequate Support and an Aging Infrastructure Mandated a Change in Strategy!

“We’re a 200 room full service hotel; technology is becoming, in the hotel sector, more and more prevalent all the time.”  remarks Scott Warner, General Manager at Hotel Blackfoot.

Establishments like Hotel Blackfoot rely heavily on their technology in order to carry out daily operations. Along with this, visitors are relying on the hotel’s Internet capabilities for everything from online booking to streaming video and personal entertainment.

“We did not have an IT outsource firm or consultant that we used, we had it done in-house with an individual who the hotel had hired directly.” explains Warner. He adds, “That was posing problems for us.”

With so much stress on the hotel’s hardware and equipment, and so many people depending on it, Hotel Blackfoot’s basic in-house IT support and aging infrastructure weren’t cutting it. The Hotel began facing real challenges with outages, downtime, and receiving appropriate support.

“At that point in time we went to market – that was the second or third in-house IT person that wasn’t really fulfilling the needs of the hotel.”

The Solution: A Technology Partner Willing to Go Above and Beyond in Order to Create the Most Suitable, Affordable & Stable IT Environment!

Hotel Blackfoot was looking for a proactive and reliable IT partner – someone that could offer them a higher level of expertise, for less money than full time staff.  Luckily, that’s where Titan Solutions Group came in.

Titan Solutions Group was able to offer Hotel Blackfoot the advantage and peace of mind of an expert IT support team with a wide array of specialties – without the costs associated with hiring multiple IT staff members.  Along with this, Warner explains: “The big appeal with Titan Solutions Group was the fact that we got 24/7 coverage – being a hotel, we never close. Ever.” 

Immediately upon partnership, many positive changes were implemented to Hotel Blackfoot’s IT infrastructure, and the benefits are seen on a daily basis. Some of the improvements Titan Solutions Group have implemented include:

  • Full 24/7 infrastructure and user support, including regular Titan onsite hours where a Titan Professional is onsite
  • New Server Solutions and Server Virtualization
  • Workstation upgrades and maintenance
  • Digital signage to enhance the guest experience
  • Application support
  • Updating Point of sale equipment
  • Support with Payment terminals
  • Upgrading Network Printers
  • Facilitated the installation of Kaba Saflok electronic lock system

“Our hardware was getting pretty aged when Titan Solutions Group came aboard, and now I would say we’ve got a very stable hardware platform. . .

we’re through that list now and getting into more of the nice-to-haves than the need-to-haves, and that was done competitively through Titan Solutions Group going to market to hardware suppliers to find us these items,” comments Warner.

The Outcome: No More Downtime & No More Need-to-Haves! A Dedicated, Approachable IT Support Team Helping Them Focus on Their WANT-to-Haves!

Since partnering with Titan Solutions Group three years ago, Hotel Blackfoot has seen significant benefits including continued comments that things have never worked better, as well as a happier staff thanks to the impact of working with the friendlier faces at Titan Solutions Group.

Warner expresses appreciation on behalf of the hotel, remarking, “The hotel operates in a customer service marketplace and Titan Solutions Group mimics that really well.

They are really good people, and easy to work with, and quite approachable – you get the feeling right away that they are looking to solve issues for you, and are willing to work around some other constraints you might have.”

Many businesses take it upon themselves to manage all of their own IT needs internally in order to save – even if it means less optimal solutions. At Titan Solutions Group, we can offer you IT solutions that are completely scalable in order to ensure you can achieve both the price and service level you want! For more information, contact us by phone at (403) 537-5850, or send us an email:

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