Hardie & Kelly: When Outsourced IT Management Feels Like Home

Describing their firm as an “Insolvency and Restructuring Boutique,” Hardie & Kelly is one of the many clients who made the decision to outsource their IT management to Titan Solutions Group.

Located in Calgary, the Hardie & Kelly team offers restructuring and liquidation services to both corporations and individuals. When Marc Kelly partnered with Ron Hardie in 2005, the firm relied largely on both in-house and freelance IT support solutions as needed.

The Situation: A need for comprehensive IT services that are consistent with business continuity & growth.

As a need for more immediate and comprehensive IT services developed, Hardie & Kelly began looking to outsource their IT management. A member of the Hardie & Kelly staff made the suggestion to outsource to Titan Solutions Group as she had been a front-line employee at her last place of employment and had received such excellent support from Titan. Since the firm took this recommendation, Partner Marc Kelly claims that the decision to outsource IT management to Titan Solutions Group has created an incredibly functional and valued working relationship.

The Solution: Partnering with an IT Services company who understands the relationship between functional IT management and the pursuit of client business objectives.

Titan Solutions Group offers a wide variety of support and consultation services that easily conform to meet the specific needs of our clients. Titan is focused on aligning all elements of client business and technology in a way that promotes productivity and prosperity. The range of services that have been aligned with the Hardie & Kelly firm include:

  • Consistent and reliable connection – Titan offers access to support any time of day – including evenings and weekends.
  • Immediate and effective help in the short term – Titan has IT Support Specialists on hand to resolve a variety of IT issues effectively and right away.
  • Long-term support through all seasons of business – Titan plans effectively according to business needs and makes appropriate recommendations based on business growth.

Overall, Marc describes the IT services received from Titan Solutions Group as “fantastic and immediate.” He claims the entire Hardie & Kelly team value the informal and close working relationship they share with Titan Solutions Group. “We know them well and they do great work. It feels like we are working with our own internal IT department; they feel like part of the team.”

Get in touch with Titan Solutions Group at (403) 537-5850 orinfo@titansg.catoday to benefit from our proactive and high-value support. Let us provide your business with outsourced IT management that feels like part of the team.

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