For DDS & Co, Titan Solutions Group has Stood the Test of Time

When the DDS & Co. accounting firm decided to relocate, they had Titan Solutions Group on hand for a seamless IT switchover.  

DDS & Co. is a chartered accounting firm located in downtown Calgary, who have been partnered with Titan Solutions Group for over a decade. Partner Walter Reimer claims Titan’s IT management services were implemented by one of his partners around or before 2005, and they have never looked back. As business evolved, the DDS & Co. made the decision to relocate.

The situation: Company relocation created the need to ensure a smooth transition of business data, equipment and IT resources during the firm’s move. 

The relocation of a company’s physical headquarters can be an overwhelming undertaking in itself. But the transfer of a company’s ‘digital headquarters’ is crucial to sustaining business continuity and protecting sensitive data and resources. Determining the best way to manage the relocation of company data and equipment is crucial to a successful relocation.

The solution: Allow Titan Solutions Group to manage an effective and productive transition of IT resources.

Because DDS & Co. already had Titan on board, all facets of IT management were carried over quickly and effectively. Their additional management and server set up in the new space helped with the safe and effective relocation of both business machines and data. The support from Titan helped ease the transition and reduce interruptions in business continuity. Titan’s relationship with DDS & Co. isn’t just situational either. Titan provides DDS & Co. with an enduring, all-in-one kind of IT support. Titan has aligned its services to best serve DDS & Co. by providing them with:

  • Data Security – Titan ensures all company data and resources are consistently monitored and protected.
  • Comprehensive device management – Titan manages all company computers, laptops and phones and keeps systems running smoothly with timely software updates.
  • Forward-thinking consultation –By assessing company needs, conditions and growth Titan makes calculated IT recommendations that seek to further propel business objectives.

“We’ve not had any major problems for over ten years” Reimer claims, explaining how Titan provides effective recommendations based on business needs and conditions. He continues to describe how DDS & Co. identify Titan Solutions Group as a reliable and comprehensive service provider that is able to provide effective IT management, planning and support strategies. “They give us the exact support we need.”

Get in touch with Titan Solutions Group at (403) 537-5850 or today to benefit from our proactive and high-value support. Let us provide you with the kind of reliable and adaptable IT support we have offered to DDS & Co. for over a decade.

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