Fathom Energy values Titan Solutions Group for their responsive support and effective IT solutions.

Fathom Energy is a Calgary and Vancouver-based marketing and consulting services firm specializing in crude oil, natural gas liquids, biofuels and refined products. As a leading member of their industry, Fathom relies on their IT infrastructure to help communicate with clients, carry out daily business tasks, and more.

“IT is simply a mission critical service – all of our work processes have an IT component,” says Torval Mork, Vice President, Finance at Fathom Energy. “IT is important for the day-to-day functioning of our business – document processing, accounting, archiving, and especially communication.”

Fathom Energy was connected with Titan Solutions Group through their telecommunications company. Titan Solutions Group worked to address Fathom Energy’s outstanding issues at the time.

The situation: Fathom Energy needed effective support solutions for a number of server-based opportunities.

Given their size and scope, Fathom Energy required their own e-mail server, file server, print server and remote access portal, but wasn’t large enough to justify an internal IT department.

“The size of our enterprise does not warrant an IT department, but our IT needs are such that the function is too taxing to be distributed amongst employees,” says Torval.

Technological excellence is vital for any business that wants optimal efficiency and confident business continuity. After gaining a clear understanding of Fathom Energy’s previous IT situation, Titan Solutions Group was able to determine effective solutions.

The solution: Titan Solutions Group designed an e-mail server, file server, print server and remote access portal solution that addressed Fathom Energy’s needs.

Due to the high quality of service that Fathom Energy receives from Titan Solutions Group they have chosen to continue a beneficial partnership. Titan Solutions Group later planned and executed their migration to Cloud-based email that would allow Fathom Energy to enjoy a more reliable configuration.

“They provide rapid response and clear invoicing practices,” says Torval.

To this day Titan Solutions Group continues to provide Fathom Energy with:

  • Full Remote and Onsite IT Support
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Expert Consulting
  • Remote and Local Server Monitoring
  • System Upgrades
  • Network and Application Troubleshooting
  • New Cost-Saving Solutions
  • Server and Software Migrations

When asked if Fathom Energy would recommend Titan Solutions Group to other businesses with similar IT needs, Torval responds that “Yes, we would emphatically recommend on the basis of the quality of the service we have received. They provide great communication, trust, and response times.”

Are you struggling with similar IT issues at your business? Contact Titan Solutions Group at (403) 537-5850 or info@titansg.ca today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by Fathom Energy.

Calgary IT Support

The situation: The entire business was down because of a ransomware attack, and Sprouse Fire & Safety needed a quick resolution.

A call was made to their Managed Service Provider, Titan Solutions, and the Titan techs immediately began investigating to see what had gone wrong. Titan worked with Sprouse staff to quickly identify which computer which was causing the encryption, and had it isolated from the network. Operational databases were restored to working condition quickly after, without Titan even having to step foot on the premises. The company was back up and running in their main sales and inventory application – before everyone came back from lunch!

The solution: Titan Solutions quickly responded, stopping the attack in its tracks and restoring normal operation quickly in order of business priority.

“Ransomware is the latest in a series of Cyber Security Threats that face not only Sprouse but all business, large and small over the past couple of years. Companies such as MSN.COM, the New York Times, BBC.COM, the collective police departments of Illinois, Massachusetts and Tennessee as well as the City of Detroit have all been victims of Ransomware attacks with payouts to the attackers in range of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of these organizations employ sophisticated cyber security measures to protect their business interests.

This year Sprouse Fire and Safety joined this ever increasing list of companies that have fallen victim to such attacks.

Sprouse has partnered with Titan SG for almost a decade and during that time Titan has been always vigilant in ensuring that our business is secured against all potential internal and external threats. They perform regular reviews of our security posture to ensure that we stay ahead of the emerging threats in the industry. In the case of threats like ransomware, which are increasingly difficult to defend against, Titan Solutions had, as part of our Managed Service Contract, developed a response strategy that was well planned and well executed when we were the victim of a ransomware attack. Their (Titan SG) technical expertise, planning and incident response not only allowed Sprouse to not pay to get our data back but had us up and running in normal operation within a couple of hour.” Says Rick Mooers, Managing Director of Sprouse Fire and Safety.

“Once we identified that there was a problem our dedicated support team at Titan SG engaged to resolve the issue. Within minutes they had the network locked down, identified the infected system, purged that system and had begun a system rebuild all while restoring our data – over 80,000 files – starting with the data and systems that our staff needed immediately and within a few hours had restored us to normal operations. They were able to accomplish this through the use of a hybrid data protection strategy that employs both local (on-site) and cloud backups, covering us in a wide set of circumstances. This strategy, combined with real time monitoring of our servers and systems for failure allows Sprouse to have our systems available to us at a very cost effective price point.”

“They took a very bad situation and were able to turn it around quickly for us, we suffered very little downtime because of their quick and effective response,” says Rick. “All of the efforts in planning and recovering from this attack were included in our monthly support contract. Titan SG provides excellent value for our IT support spend. Sprouse has been approached by a number of other IT Services companies over the years and no one offers the all inclusive services at such an attractive price point as what we enjoy from Titan SG. We initially opted for a “fee for services” support model where we paid hourly for support and then moved to a Managed Support model that harmonized our monthly support costs which has allowed us to budget more effectively.”

“Titan SG always picks up the phone right away, regardless of the time of day or night, and delivers a quick and effective resolution to whatever issue we have – whether remotely or by coming onsite. Our staff love working with them and we are in great hands,” says Rick “Titan SG makes IT purchasing decisions easy by providing a complete offering of hardware and software at very competitive prices. As we continue to expand our business we need to add new systems but don’t want to spend the time price shopping IT hardware. Titan SG has earned our trust so we never have to worry about purchasing new equipment. We know that the price is always spot on.”

The threat of ransomware and other attacks is very real, and businesses of all size are targets. Titan Solutions can help any business identify holes and risks in their security, implement effective policies, and provide training to keep your business safe and running without disruption. Contact Titan Solutions Group at (403) 537-5850 or info@titansg.ca today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by Sprouse Fire & Safety.

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